We like to thank all our sponsors for their continued generosity and support. We have still opportunities for new sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options that are suitable for your business.




Looking for a local sponsorship opportunity for your Corporate Social Responsibility Plan?… Consider Us!

Why Donate to Cork City Community Radio?

The beauty of donating to Cork City Community radio is that we operate at a level whereby we cannot have too many promos running, unlike other media outlets that are driven by ad spend.

Your donation also includes a number of benefits to you:

  • Exclusive sponsorship to your industry
  • Scripted and produced promos for your business which you can use anywhere
  • Numerous promos which will run throughout the programming
  • Logo and link from the radio station’s website
  • Social media posting
  • On air mentions
  • In-studio live interviews with you or a staff member
  • Potential to host your own show